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Connect with peers, potential partners, and even mentors, expanding your professional circle and fostering collaborative ventures.

Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that many newcomers make in the real estate market.

Make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition

Keeps you on track towards your investment goals and provides the necessary support to overcome challenges along the way.

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From Humble Beginnings to Success

Initially studying electrical engineering, my true passion for entrepreneurship and real estate emerged a few years into my academic journey. Inspired by the success stories of individuals who built wealth through real estate, I dived into the world of real estate investing while working as an engineer at U P s. My dedication paid off, and I began engaging in various single-family projects, from rental properties to seller financing and fix-and-flips. However, as my success grew, I faced challenges in scaling the business and found myself feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

To overcome these hurdles, I established a construction company to support my real estate ventures and explore new opportunities in construction and additions. Despite this progress, my perspective on real estate investing underwent a significant transformation when I discovered the power of syndicating multifamily apartments, freeing me from the constraints of personal funding. Embracing this exciting approach, I devoted a year to extensive education in multifamily investing, ultimately leading me to pivot entirely from single-family endeavors. Alongside this transformation, I set up a property management arm to achieve complete vertical integration in our operations. Now, my focus is on further expanding the portfolio and sharing the valuable knowledge I've gained on my remarkable journey in the real estate industry!

Multifamily Investor of the Year!

I am both humbled and honored to receive the Think Realty "Multifamily Investor of the Year Award" for 2022!

THANK YOU to Think Realty, my team, partners, investors and everyone that voted and supported me!... Jorge Abreu
I've been working with Jorge Abreu for a while. I've definitely learned a lot being one of his students. I've learned so much about multifamily real estate, everything from the basics to advanced. Anything from underwriting, talking to brokers, investors, raising capital etc. I definitely would recommend this program. 10 out of 10

MINA ROUFAIL, Co-Founder & CEO at Emmanuel Capital Group
Jorge is an amazing mentor, amazing coach. What I love about Jorge and his program is that he keeps it real and raw with you. He's very good at identifying your weaknesses to make them your strengths. We have very aligned goals, so it's easy for us to correlate when we talk about deals and underwriting

ANTHONY DOOS, Founder & CEO of Emmanuel Capital Group
Jorge has been very good about using his experiences to teach me, even letting me sit in on some of his asset management meetings. He's instilled a confidence in me to properly operate a property. All in all, I do suggest this program if you are looking to succeed in this business

MICHAEL SOURIAL, Co-Founder and Managing Principal at Emmanuel Capital Group


For One Year Coaching
One-time Payment Of $15k


Spread Out Between 6 Months
​$3k Per Month For 6 Months
One Training Session Per Week
  • One training session each week covers various aspects, including acquisitions, underwriting, marketing, raising equity, asset management, and more.
Access To
  • Obtain access to a comprehensive document vault, all vendor relationships, and discounts on software and various other services.

    One Group Coaching Call Per Week
    • Participate in a weekly group coaching call that includes action items, follow-ups, and an opportunity for Q&A.
    Private Groups
    • Gain access to private groups on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.
    Individual One On One Deal Review
    • Receive personalized one-on-one deal review with me and/or my team.
    Invited To Go To
    • Invitation to participate in real onsite inspections, property tours, due diligence (DD), capital expenditure (CAPEX) meetings, and more.
    Partner On Deals
    • Collaborate on deals with me,and serve as a key partner on approved loans. Additionally, I will provide support for equity, earnest money, capital expenditures (CapEx), and more.
    This All Depends On My Current Pipeline At The Time. However, I Am Working On Building A Large Team To Take On Very High Volume.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Program

    What is the cost of the coaching program?

    • The coaching program can be paid in a one-time charge of $15,000 or in 3 installments of $6,000 each [Full Payment: $15,000 / Installments: $6,000 for 3 months].

    What sets this program apart from other courses, real estate MBA, CCIM, or brokerage training?

    • This program offers the unique opportunity to work directly with an active owner/operator of multifamily properties. Participants will be involved in real live deals, visit properties, and experience hands-on learning rather than just theory.

    Can I take this course with a spouse, friend, or sibling?

    • You can take the course with a real business partner or spouse.

    How comprehensive is the material on financial analysis?

    • The material delves into financial analysis in great detail. Weekly coaching calls involve going over deals to ensure participants stay connected with the market.

    How often are the weekly coaching calls, and how long do they last? Are they recorded?

    • The weekly coaching calls last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. All calls are recorded and made available on the coaching portal.

    To Thrive As A Multifamily Investor, Continuous Education Is A Must!

    Remember, it's not a one-time effort; smart investors consistently seek knowledge and learning opportunities. Stay informed, stay successful! 
    I am an Active & Passive Full Time Multifamily Real Estate Investor. Currently 6,849 Units and $450M+ of Multifamily assets under management. The assets are located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina and Florida. I am the CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group. I also own a construction company, JNT Construction, that focuses on helping Multifamily Investors with their full renovations.

    I am based out of Dallas & currently own properties in Texas & Oklahoma but open to other areas as well. Strong points are Locating Deals, Due Diligence, Executing CapEx & Raising Equity.

    Networking, meetups, books and seminars will definitely give you a great head start in understanding how multifamily works, but you need an experienced apartment mentor beside you who have been there and can guide you through.

    I originally started the coaching program so that we could expand our reach by helping others locate deals and partnering with them to acquire the properties.

    Now we've built a really strong & growing community of real estate investors helping each other succeed. Therefore, I am now motivated not only to help others grow their Multifamily Real Estate portfolio but also to continue building this amazing ecosystem.
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